We have made more than 100 TV Commercials seen on every network in Australia.

We can create affordable, world-class TV Commercials right here in Perth that are only a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay, even using our large in-house green screen to create augmented reality and special effects, all in 4K Ultra HD.

Email us now: sales@zulumedia.com.au

How can we do this? By investing in the most powerful computer editing systems and cutting edge software, we are able to keep your costs down and the quality high.  WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS IN ANY WAY.

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Your TVCs or Videos will be personal to you, not off the production line, with your input all along the way. We can help with planning, scripting, actors and models and even find you the perfect location.

TV Commercials can really drive a lot of sales but, these days, Social Media Videos are THE most cost effective way to sell your products or services.

Our vast experience with marketing everything from milk to furniture, caravans to fishing lures, will help you plan the right campaign and achieve the best results.

Impressions Furniture TV Commercial


Videos made just the length and style required by Social Media are EASILY the most cost effective way to sell online these days.

We have turned over tens of thousands of dollars in sales ourselves for less than $40 worth of advertising and clients have moved millions of dollars worth of products with an ad-spend so low, you wouldn’t believe it was possible.

But it is and we can help you do the same.

Rockingham RV Centre are one of our current success stories and, now both Youtube and Facebook support 4K UltraHD, you can get amazing quality videos to your customers 24 hours a day.

Rockingham RV El Toro II Social Media TV Commercials

(Many $70,000 caravans sold using Social Media)

We are Outdoors, 4×4 and Adventure Specialists with the experience and equipment to go anywhere to get the shots you need for the best possible result.

Jet Adventures Social Media Video

TV Commercials aren’t just about shooting products, they are also about appealing to all of your potential customers and getting the maximum possible exposure.

While the traditional TV Commercials on the TV Networks still work, many of our customers are choosing to make Social Media Videos that can be targeted to your exact customer base for next to nothing.

We are experts in this area, with more than 20 years experience in making TVCs, marketing using TV and selling using the Internet, e-Commerce and Social Media.

Email us today to learn how we can help you kick-start new sales – sales@zulumedia.com.au – many testimonials available.

TVC and Social Media Video Customers include:

If you need something different to a TV Commercial, no matter what, we have many other services.

We can also Manage Your Social Media for Growth and Better Sales. Click here to find out how that works, it’s VERY affordable for any business and it works.