Making Music Videos is our favourite thing to do.

The average cost of a Music Video from Citrus Studios is $1500 to $2500 and we have huge variety of essential tools to set your video apart from everyone else.

This video by Kill Teen Angst was shot on a green screen and was made to represent a pop up comic book of an Alien Invasion. A great song and they were fantastic people to work with. Very talented.

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We have been managing the Benny Mayhem Band for the last 2 years and have helped Ben grow from a solo artist to touring the world with his new band.

He was honoured to be the only Australian act at the world-renowned Rebellion Festival in 2017 and launched this single in the UK at the same time.

It was also largely shot on green screen, with 300 shooting and editing hours going in to making this clip.

“That’s very impressively done – – perfectly complements your story which really is a powerful one. I’m sure just the tip of the iceberg but it’s stayed with me.
I remember hearing an interview with an art director who was curating an exhibition and the interviewer asked an excellent question “when people visit the exhibition, what do you hope they’ll experience or take away with them?”. And the director thought for a bit and then said, “I want them to feel something they’ve never felt before.”

“That’s how I felt about your song and the video clip. I felt something new and there’s been a gentle haunting since. You know when a feeling rises, unbidden, and you think “what IS that?” then, in this case, I realise it was the feeling evoked by the video.”

By having a large green screen within our studio, we can accommodate whole bands and take the time to get shots perfect, instead of rushing to avoid blowout costs on the green screen rental space.

For the video above we brought in a large collection of people, even a Corvette Stingray, and spent the time getting the shots and lighting just right.

Citrus Studios has a vast collection of special effects techniques and software. Many were employed for the above video, including holograms like Obi Wan.

We’d love to show you some more but Ben’s last video was shot in just one long take at the Irish Club of WA and effects were kept to a minimum:

Here are legendary rock monsters Project Mayhem with a video we made for them in a hardcore meets psychedelic style:

We can even do a more corporate style of video to get work as a cover band, using our studio to easily record the songs you need.

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