We have 30 years experience with Professional Photography and even made Australia’s first TV Show about Photography.

Apart from video, nothing sells a product better than a great photo and Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media are hungry for quality photo content.

Here is a collection of our favourite shots, both corporate and just for the art of it. We’d love to shoot for you too.

To talk about your photography job and how we can make it really special, please email: sales@zulumedia.com.au

 Margaret River ForestBenny Mayhem Band

Barcelona Architecture Pet Photography

We can literally photograph anything you need photos of and we have a large green-screen in our studio that can accommodate everything up to a car.

Our team of graphic designers can then take your photos and turn them into brochures or other print advertising.

Bush Winch and Accessories

Cray fishing Boats at Sunset

Kalbarri Whales

Riviera Caravan Promo

Music Photography MOMA Art Piece

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See our photography in a website situation here (we also built the website).